All Saints Day

Happy All Saints Day.

I’ve been thinking of the great influence other people have had on my walk with Christ. It does humble me but it also gives me encouragement for my life as well.

We pastors all like to see huge strides in the people we lead, to know that we have had a large impact on the spiritual maturity of others.  But isn’t that our own ego talking? Because when I look back at the people who moved me forward on my walk with the Lord, I see as many small steps as I see large strides.
I see lots of people that probably don’t even remember what they said, or did, that influenced me so much.

I remember…

  • my Dad who left a church because it got “too big” and started doing things for the glory of the Pastor, not God.
  • my Sunday School teacher in 4th grade who told me Jesus loves me so much, my picture is up on his wall.
  • my Pastor in confirmation that gave me permission to doubt and told me to keep wrestling with God.
  • all the people who when I said, “I think I’m being called into ministry” did not laugh a person who told me that God paints the world in autumn because He loves the diverse colors
  • a woman of faith who prayed with me as my granddaughter was dying, saying, “Jesus is crying with you too”
  • a fellow pastor who gave me a CS Lewis book to read and said, “this will help you understand”
  • the Grand Canyon, that convinced me way back in 1975 that God must exist
  • a husband-to-be who took me back to the UMC church that he loved

May we all do those small steps to encourage, guide, lead people to the God that loves them. And may we all know that we don’t need to see the outcome of what we’ve done, we just need to be faithful to our call from God. Feel a nudge? Don’t ignore it. That’s the Spirit calling!