Disciple Fast Track

Do you hunger to understand Jesus and your faith more?  Do you look a your Bible and wish you could read it in a small group where you are free to ask those questions you’ve always wondered about?  Do you long for a closer relationship with God and your fellow believers?  Well here is your invitation!!

On Wednesday at 7:00 PM!Discpile Fast Track

Where? Amherst Asbury UMC, 850 Dodge Road, Getzville. More information? 716-688-8677

Disciple Fast Track helps busy people encounter the Bible in order to grow in faith. Daily readings for private reflection, and materials to help understand the Bible and its content are provided. There will be two books to buy from Cokesbury.

Even though our study began on September 12th, there is always room at our table. Each class experience will be approx. 75 minutes, from 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM. We will be taking some weeks off around Christmas and Easter. The plan is to end May 3 if all goes well. Join Pastor Cheryl and the rest of us as we encounter the Word of God!!

To sign up for this study, please call us or use our Contact Us.