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We believe that “This is Where Children Belong”!  We love to see their smiling faces in our church!   We invite you to check out any one of our children’s programs.

Children's Moments

Children’s Moments

Sunday Church School at Asbury UMC…. All are welcomed!

Our children go to worship with their families at 10:30 am. As the Congregation sings, “This is Where Children Belong”, the children come to the front of the church to hear the message from our Pastor and then are dismissed to Children Church School.

We have to remind the children to WALK to the Sunday School rooms.  They want to run or skip because they love Church School.  Age-appropriate lesson were created to make these values a part of their young lives.

The Sunday Church school is studying Moses just as the adults are. The Angels, our older kids, are looking into what life was like for Moses from his birth to his leadership of his people out of Egypt. What were the houses like?  What did they eat and wear? Did he play games as a boy? Did he go to school? Those are some of the questions we will try to answer.

Our children split into two groups.  The Cherubs (our younger children) get a visit from Moses every week and each week they learn a little bit more about his life. They can see his long beard, after all he is 120 years old! Through songs and crafts and their conversation with Moses, they are learning about the life of this Bible hero.

The children in both classes are doing “Jobs for Jesus” and bringing what they earn each week to give as an offering.  At Christmas we will take the offering and donate it for the children who are recovering from terrible hurricanes in the USA!

We always welcome new children into our classes.  You go to church with your parents At 10:30 am and are called up front to have a child’s moment with Pastor. Then off to Sunday school.  The children return at the end of the service to participate in Communion.  Please join us!  We have fun learning together.

All are welcomed to our Sunday Church School.  We look forward to meeting your family!



Our very talented music director works with the children  from 10:00 am until just before our church service to learn to play the hand bells.  They will play during our special services.  The children enjoy ringing those bells.